The most important thing about the design build process is good organization and communication. During our first meeting, we attentively gather your visions and ideas for the project. We cover your goals, priorities, and analyze your budget to collect the pieces we need to construct a complete and relevant proposal for the architectural design and construction for your project.


Following a successful first meeting, we will present the architectural design proposal. The information in the proposal should be no surprise because of our initial meeting. The proposal will just outline the solutions we have designed for you. It will lay out the design of the project and the price range of the construction.


The Design Stage will begin as soon as the Proposal has been accepted. Depending on the project, whether it be a custom home, addition, or renovation, the initial schematic drawings will be prepared and presented to help choose among a few ideas. After a few meetings and some fine-tuning, the plans and specifications are developed to the point at which we can get accurate construction pricing. Additional architectural work will need to be completed once you are ready to build, but not before we’re sure that we can meet your budget.

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Once the design is complete, a construction meeting is scheduled. You’ll meet the people that will be performing the work on your home. They will provide feedback on the design and the associated costs that we compile into a detailed construction proposal. The proposal will include every detail discussed with itemized breakdown of costs by tasks, labor and materials, allowances, options, a construction schedule with payment plan. Upon acceptance, the construction phase can begin.


Preparation of the construction documents required for permit application begins right away. Once ready, we can apply for the permits and begin planning and ordering materials that require lead-time. A pre-construction meeting is held to make sure all of the necessary details and procedures are reviewed. Once the permits are ready, construction will begin!